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April 19, 2011
By nooneintheworldomgfg GOLD, Webster, Massachusetts
nooneintheworldomgfg GOLD, Webster, Massachusetts
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Could be an hour,
Could be a day,
Could be a month,
Or could be a year.
Forever could be a summer,
Where two hearts mingle,
And that very same forever
Could be a tentative kiss as
They say good-bye, forever.
Forever could be soul jazz music,
Seeping in through cracks in the floor,
Indulging you,
The rap-tap-tap, this is surely forever.
Forever could be in the veins or the
Concrete that we walk on,
Could be on the news or in the paper,
Or in your trust old bike that got you
Through the eighties.
Forever could be a car ride to California,
Could be braces,
Could be heartbreak,
Could be a Sunday,
That is sure to last,

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