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May 3, 2011
By Lizziepuff GOLD, WonderLand, Virginia
Lizziepuff GOLD, WonderLand, Virginia
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"Life is a game. Everygame ends so you might as well have fun while playing the game."

You used me..
like an artist uses a canvas.
You painted me into the young woman I am today..
i loved you like a monkey loves bananas.

But still you did not love me..
At least not the way that it was portrayed.
I was your scculpture.
Who you could always rely on.

Little did i know...
I was blinded.
By the love you had provided.
Wow was i a fool.

It was all just a lie
You thought you where so sneaky.
As i realized and exclaimed "Jinkys"
Now our love has died.

Courageous & Brave I am today.
Filled with Sorrow
from the love you have borrowed.
Like borrowed sugar it cannot be returned.

The Damage is Done.
This journey was no longer fun.
It Hurt to stay away.
As i received your last message that said Kay.

But I am Strong now.
Lifting my head high.
Feeling as strong as a cow.
Now All i can say is GOODBYE.

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