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My Past is My Present, That's Why I Won't Explain

May 3, 2011
By Brandi101 GOLD, Woodbine, Kentucky
Brandi101 GOLD, Woodbine, Kentucky
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Today I had that familiar feeling
I couldn't seem to find my breath
It's like my lungs dropped out
And there was nothing left

You ask me what was wrong
But how can I explain it to you?
How can you attempt to understand
What you haven't been through?

Time should've healed these wounds
But they're open and bleeding again
And I'm fighting that same battle to find air
And sometimes, I don't win

And though emptiness is tightening my chest
I try to find my heart for friends
I ignore the vines gripping my torso
But I have to break down every now and then

So when you press to figure me out
I'm not going to sing this song anymore
Because you're already exhausted from hearing it
And my words are repeats that you just ignore

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