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This Is What I Feel

May 9, 2011
By ich_liebe_tokio_bill SILVER, Nottinghamshire, Other
ich_liebe_tokio_bill SILVER, Nottinghamshire, Other
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I can feel it every time
I close my eyes
Remember how it felt
The music deep inside
It fills your heart
Runs through your veins
Thumping speakers
In your brain
And when it’s dark
I can see
All my dreams
In front of me
Lit up under
Flashing lights
Coming true
For just one night
This is what I feel.

I can hear it every time
I close my eyes
Remember how it hurt
As I screamed from deep inside
It makes you laugh
And makes you cry
When I scream
I feel alive
All my fears
On the floor
Crushed underfoot
And out the door
Sing out my guts
For you to hear
So much better
When you’re near.
This is what I feel.

I can taste them every time
I close my eyes
Remember all my tears
As I cried from deep inside.
Wet and salty
On my tongue
You make me feel
Like I belong
Standing united
In a sea
Of other people
Just like me
Clown smile
Fills my face
One lonely chord
Is all it takes
This is what I feel.

The author's comments:
This is about my experiences from going to music concerts and how I feel like I belong there because everyone is there for the same reason, because you all feel passionate about the same thing. Going to gigs is my favourite thing in the world to do, and when you're in that room you feel like you can do anything and nothing else matters except that moment. That is what this poem is about.

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