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Chasing a High

May 2, 2011
By rainbow_of_skittlez BRONZE, Berthoud, Colorado
rainbow_of_skittlez BRONZE, Berthoud, Colorado
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I don't know what comes over me
a heat rush
a panic attack
who knows?
It isn't pleasant
it's hurtful
it's painful
it consumes your every thought and move
it follows you into dark alleys
it brings you to your knees in tears
it rots your heart
it possesses your soul

One more hit you say
suddenly, your cares fly away
the darkness turns to light
it's a euphoric dream
so lovely and beautiful
you fall asleep in your paradise
and doze off into what seems like a home
it's almost like you belong there
you've been waiting your whole life
for this momment
to be on top of the world

But yet you wake
you are alone in the storm you have created
your relationships are ruined
you have hurt your family
and scared your friends
now, you have no home
you are left alone
to chase the dream
one more time

The author's comments:
past experience of drug use

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