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April 29, 2011
By rainbow_of_skittlez BRONZE, Berthoud, Colorado
rainbow_of_skittlez BRONZE, Berthoud, Colorado
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Time does not stop
It continues slowly into eternity
It may crawl up on you when you're not looking
And catch you in surprise
Or sometimes, it drags on
And never seems to pass

Either way, you are alive
You can feel
And love
Would it be better to die?
To forget the purpose of life and have no emotion?
What if you lost it all?
Your loved ones
Your sense of touch
Your favorite memories

If you remember
To open your soul,
And drain your emotion,
In which ever way you choose,
You can wade in the water
And then you must swim
You can!
You can because you can always make it to the other side
It is reachable
It is close
With clear skies and calm water
A simple dream place
You can make it,
If you just swim

The author's comments:
"The Need" by Rod McKuen inspired me to write this

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