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May 3, 2011
By JATBZ GOLD, Winfield, Kansas
JATBZ GOLD, Winfield, Kansas
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Mark Twain

What is all this for?
Is this what I have in store?
Is this all I have to come?
Maybe, I should turn and run.
I dive deep in to a lake;
Thinking all I know is fake.

To ease all my pain and troubles.
I let go of all my air and watch the glorious bubbles.
As I fly free through my own mind.
I start to lose my little scrape of time.

I know through my few years,
Everyone has saw my valor and pride.
But I wonder how it's still only on the outside.

As the bubbles stop to flow.
I start to sink farther below.
I feel less pain with a flash.
I see this is my last chance to make a dash.
To the surface I start climb.
Just in case I change my mind.
I start to settle in my thoughts.

When I feel a hand dragging me to the surface far above.
Gorgeous like a guardian of love
It's a spirit of one who has passed
At first I was aghast
I try to yell "Let me go, leave me be!!!"
But it said "This isn't the way you become free, It didn't work for me."

As I reluctantly break the surface I gasp for air.
The spirit leaves, as I shout "This isn't fair!"
Through the wind I hear it's last words,
"Turn and see to whom your life is worth you living."

As I turn I see a large crowd with a close friend in front, he said
"Something told me to come."

The author's comments:
I have just had a few problems lately ad somehow the question, Life, what is it worth? came up.

This is just a fiction free verse poem nothing more.

Moral: Even if you think your life means nothing, it may mean everything to someone else.

Tell me what you think.

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