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Little green eyed girl

May 17, 2011
By xXprettybrowneyesXx SILVER, Coonrapids, Minnesota
xXprettybrowneyesXx SILVER, Coonrapids, Minnesota
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"find hope where darkness hides and where truth and lies are indifferent . "
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Little green-eyed girl
As you gaze at our cracked world
Your speckled eyes flit around the broken memories

Your child-like hands caress the few good memories that god has left in your heart.

Your warm heart and soft smile only speak of the innocence you once had,

Until the serpent of evil plucked the apple from your infertile tree and lynched you from the tree of knowledge.

Knowledge turning the thoughts of unicorns and rainbows into snakes and cobwebs.

You were just a little girl,

It left you breathless; left you hopeless.

Little green-eyed girl,
As you gaze at the world
Tracing the cracks with your speckled eyes
You dream of all the impossible possibilities
Forever rambling in your head, forcing your mind to tell you it was your fault.

Little green-eyed girl
You hope of the day where the fish aren’t swimming and the birds aren’t singing, it’s your turn to sing your song of sadness, tell the world.
You ask yourself how long you must wait until the snake won’t slither and the birds won’t sing…

Little girl daily you ask your self if anyone hears your song, little girl I sing the same tune.
I’ll take your hand and lead you through the despair. You’ll slowly begin to love the song of birds and swimming fish.

And soon you’ll understand.

Little green-eyed girl,
You hold the world
You part clouds making your way to the arriving sun
that shines as if the first day of

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