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He him I can See

May 10, 2011
By lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
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A drop of light
A hint of fear
The essence of power
Was drawing near
Bunched in by the hundreds
I felt its main core grow
And yet it sought me as a beacon
Raw and utter power
But Fearless
In my heart I felt no evil
Though through my eyes I could not see
And inside me this truth dwelt
As it simply should be
So I tried to not fear the power
Yet it ate away at me
Until eventually the power
Really came to be
In reality
And what I saw was ten thousand angels
And they cried cried out to me
Our hope Our son Our savior
Please save humanity!
And in me their power dwelt
As I cherished and held it dear
And my nightmare I awoke from
And their voices I could no longer hear
Yet a lesson I was taught
That came directly from He
The one whos knows no error
For He created He
And if not twas for him
There would be no me
There would be no you
Nor him
Nor we
So in his power We must see
That he always sends his angels
To mold or envolpe thee
Yet these angels took this power
And granted it to me
Twas a lesson they have taught
For me to share with thee
We all have His simple given grace
Deep inside you see
But to unlock it we need help
Lest our savior cannot be
The angels are His arms
His voice in simplicity
His angles are his ears
Listening and learning
The angels are his hands
They mold but cannot create
But the angles cannot be one thing
The thing that makes him He
And that would be his gaze
To be able to wisely look upon thee
For this is how he grants we
With the one true and only power
To simpily be me.

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