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May 16, 2011
trapped-in-a-broken-wonderland PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
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she sits in their tiny apartment
the barebulbs glare
fighting off the night
and all the monsters that come with it
she cowers in the corner
hidden and silent
she watches him
tighten the rubberband
and stab the needle in his arm
he sighs in release
he refills the needle
and leaves it on the table
(for easy access)
he finds her and pulls her to her feet
ripping the rubberband off
he is not the man she once loved
but she can't seem to let him go
he pushes her towards the bedroom
and grabs the camera
"come on baby, let's go to work"
an hour later they're finished,
he shuts the camera off
and returns to the kitchen table.
she sobs into her pillow
hateing him
hateing herself
wondering how her life became
a handful of shattered glass
she used to be livng a fairytale

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