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The King of Pop

May 20, 2011
By LilGirlBadd17 PLATINUM, Saluda, South Carolina
LilGirlBadd17 PLATINUM, Saluda, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"Life To Short To Live With Reqrets"

Paused at an instant
At a time he wish he had
He wanted to go back
At a time of innocence,
at a time of fun
But that time never existed
So he relived what he never felt,
to feel what he wish he lived
He searched for his childhood
Acted like a kid
His childhood innocence was taken away
Torchured and beaten
Forced to work, while you watch others play
You longed for love, sercurity, and happiness
No one understood the innocence that layed within his heart
His love for children made people see him as something he wasn't
The world was to corrupt for someone as kind-hearted as him
It needed the love he gave
He was one of the most amazing, talented, giving people to walk this earth
He gave to those in need and healed the weak
In return made fun of and lyed to
An angel seen as a demon
Proof that some people have a cold blind heart
All he needed was love and understanding
But he recieved so much hate
Life is unfair
This beautiful man didn't deserve to go,
he deserved all the good the world had to offer
Now that he's gone we give him our blessings
Where were we when he needed us?
Why couldn't we see the beauty in his heart when he was alive?
Why did we have to wait to see him die to find out what he's done for the world?
Perhaps we are to blame for his death
Maybe we are the ones that drove him into depression
Maybe if we understood him he would still be alive
I'm truly sorry Michael, for the things you had to go through
I'm sorry your heart was to big for us to understand
And, thank you Michael for living
Thank you for your music, dance, and being you
Thank you for showing the world that together we can make a difference
Thank you for inspiring all of us with your talent
Thank you for loving and caring for everyone equally
Thank you for giving so much to help even the smallest child
Thank you for showing us what true innocence is
He will always be remembered for his music, dancing, and philanthropy
His legacy will forever continue to inspire us
And he will never really be gone, for he will always be in our hearts
Now you can finally be at peace Michael, and be with the one that created you
You are finally in the real Neverland

The author's comments:
Micheal Jackson is forever in my thoughts.

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