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My Mouth, Your Apple

May 27, 2011
By ich_liebe_tokio_bill SILVER, Nottinghamshire, Other
ich_liebe_tokio_bill SILVER, Nottinghamshire, Other
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My mouth, your apple,
My pain, your bliss,
Feed from my wet pallet
And take a bloody kiss.
Nails down my back,
Talons in my skin,
Tugging at my hair,
Burrowing their way in.
You’re my hungry monster,
With pretty crimson eyes,
Hair inky black against,
skin cold and marble white.
Trembling in my arms,
Hunger burning up,
Cut into my flesh,
Drink from my red cup.
You hurt me like no other,
That growl my favourite sound,
Addicted to your teeth,
Bite me

The author's comments:
This poem has a pretty simple meaning that I'm sure is easy to grasp. It is about a girl who allows a vampire to feed from her because she is in love with him, and in a way she relishes it when he does this because she feels like she is needed, and loves it that she is keeping him alive. She has become addicted to his bite!

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