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I Am or Am I?

June 5, 2011
By ElizabethPerry BRONZE, Grand Junction, Colorado
ElizabethPerry BRONZE, Grand Junction, Colorado
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"There is Happiness for those who follow their fate, for those who don't, Glory." -Adel (princess Tutu)

I've met my limits,
Or I would have
If I knew what they were...
If I knew...
What anything is...
What I am...

I've lost all sense of self.
What in the world
made me,
Where did it go?
What I am...

Am I really so different
than those trogs
walking through the halls?
What I am...

Or maybe I'm two-faced,
as crooked as a politician
or official so and so.
Tricking myself into believing
that what I say
is the only truth.
What I am....

what I am
is blank,
and not the good
mold-able kind either.
I am nothing.
Not a canvas to be painted,
or a child to be taught.
Just nothing.
That is what I am....

The author's comments:
I was bored and just had a really bad day, but then again that's the story of alot of depressing poetry like this.

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