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Lifes Short?

June 11, 2011
By ThatCrazyChick BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
ThatCrazyChick BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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"Keep your eyes fixed on the sun"

Some.. Most people say life is short. You have SO many days to live.One year is 365 days.Multiply that by 65 and thats maybe.. how many days you might live.If you're 40-59 years of age... you're lucky. You spent your childhood outside in the beautiful rain. In the beautiful cool breezes..In Nature..Well now..All 13 year olds.. 12 year olds..People younger than 20 ... don't get to play outside in that kind of weather. We get polluted air. Nasty dirty wind.. Acid rain. We got all of this.. because you decided that life is short so you had to live it up..

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