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My Reason To Be

May 31, 2011
By another_teenage_itiot PLATINUM, Huston, Arkansas
another_teenage_itiot PLATINUM, Huston, Arkansas
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Why are we so angry
why are we so sad
we dont need to stare back
at everything we had

Redemption so far
From my grasp
Cant you see me in the darkness
Or at least hear me screaming
I do what I don't
But I try so damn hard
For the one chance at something
That now feels so far
The distance between us
Oh, why should he save us
When we damned ourselves
To our own living hell
He loves us; he hates us
Made us to be
What we can not be
So I stand on my feet
And I say what is true
When push comes to shove
Its not all about you
I wont stand for something
I know is not true
Ill say it again
Its not all about you
Watch me just burn
Its what I have earned
Look in my eyes
Do you see hate
Can you decide
I don't love you
but I don't hate you
Can you see it in my eyes
How much can you take
Reach deep inside
And pull out my heart
Dissect my poor organ
And dissect my art
But you'll never see
What has become of me
Because that's not me
That child is not me
Remember the time
When you said to my face
That I once was a good kid
To put me in my place
Force a tear on my face
I lost that old care
That boy is now dead
But where did he go

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