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I may not be a rose.

June 29, 2011
By Terrahantu BRONZE, Gillette, New Jersey
Terrahantu BRONZE, Gillette, New Jersey
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I may not be a rose, i may not be your dream, i may not be your stereotypical teen, i may not wear make up, and follow all your trends, i may not wear the same clothes, or have materialistic friends. why would i be you, when i could be me? fearless, and carefree. I may not blend in with the crowed, but it’s okay to stand out. i stand out like a daisy in a field of roses. i may not be as beautiful as all of you, i may not even care, i may not worry about how i look, or even about my hair. i may not be as smart but that’s okay. Only because I’m happy this way. i feel like knowing what it is all of you like about being the same. Is it the security knowing that everyone thinks just the same as you? blending in is giving in, giving in is giving up and why would you ever give up on being able to be just who you are? so all of you roses beautiful and tall, you can stay the way you are, but me? i change, but only for myself. because as you stay the same, eventually you’ll shrivel up and all you could have been is gone. While you stay the same and shrivel up, I change and eventually when my time comes, i will be taken away with the soft silent breeze of release telling me i’ve done my job and maybe i’ll make someones wish come true. so in conclusion, i may not be normal and i am nothing like you. but the beauty of it? you don’t have to be like me, you don’t have to be like them, they don’t have to be like you. some people don’t realize it, but you can choose who you are.

The author's comments:
i don't blend in and i like being me. this is just a random poem about being who you want. not what they want.

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