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Always Waiting

June 30, 2011
By LoEssie BRONZE, Freeport, New York
LoEssie BRONZE, Freeport, New York
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A room without books is like a body without a soul. I don't know who wrote that, it was just on an advertisement at my library. . . hahaha.

They look at her with cold white eyes and wrap their arms around her
“We are your friends” They say sliding next to her on the couch
With wicked smiles
She smiles back, almost knowing that all that comes out of their mouths are Lies
Their masks are too obvious today
They look like they have souls, but they do not
Only I can see their tongues slithering out of their mouths
And the evil in their eyes
They are not friends, but snakes
Only there to destroy, not encourage, her

“What do you want?” She says, putting her armor on as a precautionary measure
“What’s with the attitude?” The first snake asks, innocently placing their wrist around her shoulder.
“Sorry.” The girl says, not meaning it.
Her thoughts travel to the future
Everything that she wants to accomplish

The second snake lets out a hearty, but demonic laugh and shoves her over with a sweet smile.
Within seconds, the snake’s charade of a smile turns sinister and it moves in close, next to her ear, and whispers
“You’ll never be good enough.”
The girl wants to cry, but she does not.
She wants to yell, but she does not
She wants to silence the snake, but she does not
The girl never does.

“Oh, boo-hoo, Princess.” Says the third snake, who can see the crying inside
The third snake is the worst
It lurks in the dark
Waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on its prey at its weakest point
“You will never be good enough.” The third snake laughs
The same line every time
And you’d think that they would spice it up to make it interesting
Next they’ll probably say something about her appearance, I bet
She’s too fat, too skinny, and too ugly, too pretty, too smart, too stupid
Always something
“You are such a loser with those plain brown eyes.” The snake says malevolently as usual
“Everybody else has blue or green ones, and you have crappy brown”

Please ask for help, I think to myself
She needs to speak up
“Stop it.” The girl says closing her eyes that were now filled with tears
“I don’t want to hear you!” She screams putting her head down in between her legs
Finally, I get to do something here

I stand up, brushing the negativity off of my shoulders
I am so ready
My feet hit the ground running and I snatch the first snake by its throat
It is easily done with a clench of my knuckles
It will be back soon, though

The second snake takes a couple of seconds longer
It actually puts up a fight, hitting me in the stomach
I feel no pain, unfortunately for them, and pull its bottom and top half apart until it burst, black goop hitting me in the face
Evil has the worst texture

The “strongest” snake, the third, is to most people the one who would ordinarily put up the best fight
They don’t know snake number three
I take one step forward, and it runs for the hills, screaming in fear
“Leave here.” I say in the most regal, but commanding voice that I could
“Never!” It screeches shriveling up in a ball like Gollum

The stupid beast never stood a chance
I run up to it in one millisecond and take it head first
I take a deep breath and pull, ripping the head apart
The snake was still alive, along with the other two
Ready to come back to haunt some other innocent child
I’ll be there, too
Always waiting for that call

The author's comments:
When I was writing this, I was thinking about what guardian angels go through as they wait for permission to help children. The way that I see it, angels aren't there to swoop in as soon as something bad happens, or else, we wouldn't go through life as it is. We wouldn't make mistakes or have regrets that form our personalities and precautions. Therefore, the angels that I write of are only allowed to help us when we call out to them or at least make it clear that we want some supernatural help. Also note that the angel in this poem isn't frilly or has a halo; it is very serious about what it does, like a soldier.

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