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Who are We?

June 30, 2011
By RyanAnthony BRONZE, East Windsor, New Jersey
RyanAnthony BRONZE, East Windsor, New Jersey
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Down the hallways we go
People coming from everywhere
Girls with their cell phones
Boys with their gangs
And teachers with their thoughts
But we are classified differently
The Victims

We hide from those who punch
We look ahead to what may happen
We have fear behind our eyes
We show no emotion until they act
We are the victims

They follow you in your footsteps
They inch to and to, to their prey
They whisper in our ears the hurtful sins
They raise us high
They demand and blame us for what happened to them
They are the bullies

Down the hallways they go
They see no one coming except their targets
Targets with books
Targets with disability problems
And targets with no height
They are classified differently
The Bullies

The author's comments:
I had to write a bully poem for school a long time ago so I thought I submit it.

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