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The Fate of a Starling

June 29, 2011
By Mimi15 PLATINUM, Belfast, Maine
Mimi15 PLATINUM, Belfast, Maine
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A starlings dark silhouette stands boldly against the light sky.
The bird flies onward, getting closer to the sun with every flap.
It’s wings move rapidly, and then a bit faster.
The hope of becoming the suns best friend has not surpassed.
The young starlings mind, thoughts or reason for being.
Earth’s closest star, is this birds everything.
As the bird gets closer and closer to the sun,
Temperatures rise, imitating the birds flight.
As the black wings of the bird heat up too, sweat drips.
From the ceiling of heaven, down to the trenches of hell.
The starling’s in need, of air conditioning or a really powerful fan.
Everybody should be helping because a starling is the world’s mascot.
Always trying to own more. Desire is everybody’s middle name.
Despite what all the birth certificate’s say.

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