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Saving Myself

July 6, 2011
By meiv244 SILVER, Lewiston, Maine
meiv244 SILVER, Lewiston, Maine
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I have tried
You know, tried it before
Tried bringing the blade to my wrist

But I could not do it
The sight and thought made me sick
And I fell to the ground

My lips stayed a tight thin line
Except during school
When I would keep a fake smile up

No one would suspect the dark thoughts that passed through my head
The horrid images that ran through my eyes
Everybody was clueless

But I found my escape
It was tucked away in the back corner of my room
Maybe I had thrown it there
Who knows

But I now had a shield and a weapon
Stronger than diamond
But playable like rubber

Protecting me at every twist and turn
Capable of anything
Whether it be for good
Or evil

And the best part?
It always agreed with me
Never putting up a fight

My shield
My ultimate weapon
Is a pen

For words unscripted
And the most honest of truths
It lead me down paths I would never have dreamed of
Creating worlds with the snap of my finger
Changing the situation with ease
Sculpting the perfect life

No sadness
Or hurt
Would enter this world

I could blossom
Finally able to spread my wings
And take flight

The author's comments:
Everybody needs a savior, and they come in the most unexpected of forms

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