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The Moon

July 13, 2011
By nessa1311 GOLD, S. Attleboro, Massachusetts
nessa1311 GOLD, S. Attleboro, Massachusetts
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The moon we see up in the sky
It makes me wonder what it's like to fly
Without the moon we wouldn't see
Without the moon we wouldn't be
It gives us life on planet Earth
It's kept us alive since our birth
Spinning around us up in space
Though we always see its face
As we revolve around the sun we look
To see where we must be by the light the moon took
Thousands and thousands of miles apart
Been there since the very start
Causes tides and violent weather
But there is no other place that's better
Watching different phases of the moon
It'll give us the answers to our questions soon
How was the moon even made?
We're still wondering as we watch it in the night sky fade
Possibly from a big collision
There is no proof so you make the decision
That first footprint upon its surface
Proves that man has stepped foot where the source of our life is
It won't go anywhere it's never gone
Don't worry it's always there from night till dawn.

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