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how could you

July 20, 2011
By Sparkle345 GOLD, Phonix, Arizona
Sparkle345 GOLD, Phonix, Arizona
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"Life is not measured my the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away"

How could u, how cud she, how cud we,? we be this stupid to let something so fragile fall through the cracks n our fingers how dare we/he u look at somethng and you take it for granted why do we. does anyone see? no! They never do we are stranded on an island and they see us but they don't reach out how do u yes u expect us to survive in this world with out you u put us out ground us from the house how dare you how dare u stair and look out and shout and stomp and scream what happend to the dream! The dream we no longer know how to dream No child left behind look at her look at him you left us you are leaving us we are crying not from our eyes but from our our bleeding hearts with every beat and with every breath we die we move slower our faces are set in the setting of no emotion we have lost our selves n our own selves we smile to make u happy bc our happy is gone we have given up we are the people of today and u are the people of yesterday and we puff out our chest and hold our heads up but in our eyes there is emptiness a blank stair where is the love from the old to the young your love is the fuel to fuel the world where has it gone this world is lifeless without love

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