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Forever And A Day

July 23, 2011
By DinosoarJen DIAMOND, Scottsville, New York
DinosoarJen DIAMOND, Scottsville, New York
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Favorite Quote:
Just another casualty.
It's sad but true.
And even dead I'm still ahead
of most of you.

Night falls across the sky
And you're not here
My bed is empty and cold without you near
The stars spell out our names in the constellations
And I fear that tonight my eyes wont rest upon your face
My lips wont find their way to your warm embrace
This one night that you are gone is just a taste
Of how my world will feel when you're in another state
So many memories compounded of a million smiles
And sneaking out late
How many nights did we escape to another place?
Another time?
Just you and I
Floating into space
The ride of our lives that not even gravity could encase
Or make falter or suspend until a later date
This is our time and nothing is getting in our way
We'll always have tomorrow
But lets not waste time today
Relaxing in the love soaked sun
Forever and a day

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