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June 17, 2011
By KerrY SILVER, West Palm Beach, Florida
KerrY SILVER, West Palm Beach, Florida
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Lonely and broken
In my broken nest
I lay here awoken
By the sound of the unspoken
The unspoken lies
she whispers in to my mind

“Die, Die!
They must all die
Cry, cry!
Don’t you dare cry!
Lies, Lies!
Never would I
Tell you no lies
I am your friend
your only friend
I am the voice that never pretends
To love or to hate
The only one
That really cares
The only one you’ll ever hear
So clearly
High High!!
High off the ground
I’ll take you away
Where no one will find you
Mine Mine!!
For ever Mine
You are mine,only mine
Forever and ever
Till the end of time”

The sweetest lullaby she recites
Every night
To keep her grip tight
To make sure my mind is in her control
She ‘s in Control my dead soul.

“You are mine
And I am yours
We are to each other
So don’t even bother
There is no other,
You are mine and I am yours”

She is mine
And I am hers
So I don’t even bother looking for any other.

My sickness worsens
With every words unspoken word
I bleed a little more
“Listen, Listen!!
There all after you
They all want you dead
I am you only friend
You are mine
I am yours
We are to each other
Listen Listen!!!”

My demented little mind listens
To every lie
Never I lie
Not to you I never lie!”

She never leaves my mind
She listens to every thought

I Listen to every Truth
That had never been proven to be true
“Proof Proof!!
Climb up to the roof
You’ll see the proof “

Obey I must obey are else she’ll get mad
The voice in my mind
She always gets mad
When I don’t obey
She’ll scream hysterically
When I don’t obey
Fill my head with evil thoughts

“The start ,The stars!!
See how they shine
You just as bring
They see you, they see you!!
You’re so very bright
To hurt you
Yes hurt you
That all they want to try
Its you and me
Us and them
They are the enemy
They are everybody!”
Why I asked in a low fearful voice
Why must they die if I am at fault
If I am to bright I disturb there night
If I am to bright then I might as well die

“Memento Mori
Memento Mori!!
Brilliant little light
You will not die
You will just fly
Fly Fly!
High High !
The Sky Sky !”
High high along with the stars
Would it be wrong if
I jump off and died
Those are the last words
She spoke to me before
I broke my neck
Splattered my brain all over pavement
There was my proof
I lay here tonight under the dark sky
Ever so peaceful
As day light rises
Ever so grateful
The quiet came to me
I could finally say with a lie
I lay here
Alone and broken
With no one else
She‘s gone
I’m Alone.

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on Aug. 4 2011 at 6:16 am
PennyM.L SILVER, Lynwood, California
7 articles 0 photos 53 comments
AWESOME! you're really good, keep writing. :)

Nikki M. said...
on Aug. 2 2011 at 11:15 pm
This is really brilliant. I love it so much, it really speaks the truth about some "friendships". Dark yet meaningful. Keep writing, you're so good!!! :D