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what next?

July 25, 2011
By Amuhammd SILVER, Austell, Georgia
Amuhammd SILVER, Austell, Georgia
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I scoot closer to you hoping you wouldn't notice. a part of me is hoping you would scoot closer to, but i don't have the courage to make out the words to tell you how i feel. Half of my heart is making me come closer to you, smelling the cologne that lingered through the air. but the other half is whats keeping a distance from us. i really don't like to do much reading, but i read an article that tells you how to get the perfect boy. So i try. i fluff my hair around my eyes so you wouldn't see how nervous i was. then i put the palms of my hands under the front part of my armpits making it look like i was holding myself. bur really checking for sweat. i pulled my shirt down just incase you tried something, and smoothed out the wrinkles of my pants. I noticed in a about sixty seconds you and i were about five feet apart. I moved my butt 2 feet over and spread-ed my hands across the cement bench. your fingertips was touching my fingertips in a matter of seconds. to soon to calculate. i slowly but shyly turned my head towards yours. my head said yes, but my body said no.

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