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Just Listen

August 5, 2011
By xximjustmexx PLATINUM, Oak Forest, Illinois
xximjustmexx PLATINUM, Oak Forest, Illinois
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There's no god. There's no religion. There's only life, what you do with YOUR life, who YOU let affect YOUR life. Bad things happen to everyone, you just have to learn to deal with them.

People say I have grown up too fast.
And I did but it wasn't my choice.
I never wanted my life to be this way.
I never wanted to make some of the choices that I had to make.
I never wanted people to think of me this way.
But I have no other choice
But to deal with my life
For the way it is
Because people are never going to stop
Worrying more about me than themselves.
Because they are too blind to see
That they are the ones that put me through this.
That by them trying to protect me
They are hurting me even more.
They think they know what is best for me
When they don't.
Because they are not me.
They aren't living my life.
They aren't living with the consequenes that they should be suffering.
I am.
They don't know what is best for me.
What is best for me
Is for me to be left alone
To think about myself
To worry about myself
And for them to be there when I need them
And for them to leave me alone when I need to be alone.
What is best for me is for them to shut up and just listen
And to not take action.
Because them taking action
Only hurts me more.

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