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August 6, 2011
By TashaFierce BRONZE, Medford, Oregon
TashaFierce BRONZE, Medford, Oregon
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"It's great to have ambitions for the future, but to achieve success, one must be grounded in the present." ~ me

Anger reaches out it its meaty fingers, taking grip of me, clouding over all rationality. White hot fury begins to melt my resolve, my willpower to remain here in time; forever fragile and weak. My mind tries to free itself but this rage is too strong. It’s like I’m stuck in a Tsunami and I cannot swim. I close my eyes, and let go. I give into the anger boiling beneath the surface and allow it to consume me. I am no longer

The author's comments:
I was extremely angry when i wrote this. I figured it was better than throwing stuff against the wall.

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