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The Trick of Dreaming.

August 13, 2011
By LikeToPlayFish GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
LikeToPlayFish GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
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Oh, once i heard an old man say the trick to dreaming true.
He said to wish but just let all dreams come to you.
Wish upon a dream, and dream upon a wish.
I just wish to have a life so fairish.
I wish I could make a star or tear my eyelashes out.
Create my own way to wish and I'd never have to pout.
I could Shoot a ball of gas straight out to the sky
Make it my own wishing star and live by this lie.
I just wish to dream and never have nightmares.
I wish i could gain all the British King's heirs.
Also what I dreamed was that I'd be with you.
And now my dreams and wishes have all come Completely true.

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