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The First Sip of Love

September 4, 2011
By MichelleAmanda DIAMOND, Miamisburg, Ohio
MichelleAmanda DIAMOND, Miamisburg, Ohio
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It doesn’t matter now if you ever loved me any
But that I loved you
And oh how sweet
How very sweet
The taste of first love can be
It acts like wine turning me drunk with new feeling
And oh how great it was
Now even as I look back none of my memories of you are bad
Perhaps it is true that because you were my first love,
You were my first broken heart too
But the pain is not what I recall
Instead I remember our fling as a thing of great beauty
And though now it’s be a long time since we were together
I can still think back to those more innocent days
Then think of you and I with a smile on my face
You taught me what love is
And for that I thank you
I wish you will find another to love you like I did
Oh my first love
Here’s to you
And to all the other first loves too

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