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Time for You to Move on

September 3, 2011
By MichelleAmanda DIAMOND, Miamisburg, Ohio
MichelleAmanda DIAMOND, Miamisburg, Ohio
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I cannot ask you
I will not ask you
To fill his shoes
That is unfair to you

Yet here you stand in front of me
Saying that you want me
So sure of your self
You say you can mean more to me than he ever did

But here I am looking back at you
I know that you can’t compare
He was my everything for so long
And even though it’s been a while I still miss him warm smile

Yet here you stand I front of me
Saying you want me
So sure you can fill the void
You say that your love is stronger than his ever was

However I know the truth
I still love him and not you
Perhaps it’s just not the right time for you and I
For his memory casts large shadows that devoir you

Yet here you are in front of me
Saying you want me
So sure that you’ll cast the shadows off your self
You say you’ll make me love you more than I love him

But I know the truth about my own heart
I know that it is still torn and is only beginning to mend
The thread of acceptance moves slowly sowing it back to one peace
Time is what my heart still needs

Yet here you are in front of me
Saying that you need me
So sure that you can patch my wound quicker
You say that it is time to move on

That only make me sure that you cannot fill his shoes
Nor cast his shadow off of you
For he was a far better love
One filled with patients and humbleness

So I am fine with leaving his shoes empty
And to let my hear heal slowly
For patches only cover holes, they do not make them go away
And after time I will love again and if you are not big enough to wait
Then you may go and my heart will be torn not and inch if you do
Because I love men, not boys like you

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