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I'll Be the Drummer Boy

September 9, 2011
By Kinzi GOLD, Cairo, Other
Kinzi GOLD, Cairo, Other
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I’ll be the drummer boy back in time by the crib
I’ll be the one who played my best for the babe
I’ll be the one with the least strength of them all
But I’ll have just begun to march on...

I’ll be the drummer boy who’s heart is swelling up
I’ll be the one singing joyfully to my king
I’ll be the drummer whose leading drumbeats will ring
And I’ll help the army march on...

I’ll be the drummer boy to stride into struggle
Even though the drummer boy lacks trooper’s brawn
I’ll be the one to step forward feet-to-beat
Banging my drum, I’ll march on...

I’ll be the drummer boy in this war for my Lord
I’ll be the carrier of the beat in this faith
I’ll send the signals to the troops in the battle
And I’ll be the one who’ll march on...

I am the drummer boy with my own warrior’s strength
I am the one who’ll break the limits of my age
I am the one- despite hesitations- to go.
And for the baby, I’ll march on...

The author's comments:
Inspired by the drummer boy song that is sung during the Christmas season. Enjoy. =]

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on Mar. 17 2012 at 11:43 pm
Belluna45 PLATINUM, Shelbyville, Kentucky
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this poem is really cool i like the idea of it