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Who Help the Children?

August 30, 2011
By afterglow SILVER, Griffith, Indiana
afterglow SILVER, Griffith, Indiana
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"When you see a mountain do you see a challenge, or a change of heart?"- me, 2010

Many people say
We are more fortunate
Than most kids
I agree with that
But shame on us...
Who help the children
Who have no where to go?
Where do they go every day?
Who help the children
Who lie on cardboard every night?
Will they ever get a warm bed?
Who help the children
Who will fill them with bread
When they have no food to eat?
Who will help the sick and dying
In a far off foreign land?
Who will help the children
If your deaf ears
Never hear them ask for help?
Shame on us...
For if we, the lucky
Can't help the children
Then I guess no one can...

The author's comments:
The message here is that we need to help the less fortunate whenever we can. Because if we don't do it and take responsibility personally who's to say anyone ever will?

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