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September 9, 2011
By brenthewren GOLD, Independence, Missouri
brenthewren GOLD, Independence, Missouri
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the only thing you have to do in life is die
music makes everything better

ALONE-but people everywhere

FORGOTTEN-with memories never erased

BETRAYED-by a former love,

DESPAIR-is always creeping in,and

SORROW-hides in the cracks, that

SADNESS-doesn't fill

TRUE LOVE-just hasn't found me yet,but for now

MUSIC-can fill the empty heart shaped

HOLE-that is etched there. I'm

HIDING-from the life that

TORE- me into parts,just to put them back in

CROOKED-causing my outlook never to be the same.

CURSED-by the empty echo of

PAIN-that courses through my


ELECTRICITY-with hints of

HOPE-filling my insides,like maybe there's a

FUTURE-bright and full,smiling with

HAPPINESS-that I may never find.I entertain a

THOUGHT-I may be loved again,in a way that's

INSPIRING-and that reconstructs my heart,but for now I'm just

WAITING-not depending on it, guarding my

HEART-till there's the perfect one to claim it,and to keep it

SAFE-from the

HURT-my past has been wrought with.

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