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September 2, 2011
By renni SILVER, Crete, Illinois
renni SILVER, Crete, Illinois
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Sometimes, that girl who seems so strong, who never lets what people say bother her, who smiles and laughs with her friends all the time, is really the girl who, deep down, is falling to pieces.

My darkest secret isn't my friend
it sits there and waits for me to lurk to the back or my mind, where it will always be
it's cold and un-wanting
the feel it gives you makes you sick, how i wish i could take it back
maybe somehow forget the past
it's haunting and uninviting
how i wish it would leave, take it's things and go
to put another memory in its place, i wish i could tell you, but i can't
it's lonesome and hurt
don't get caught in its web
run now
while you still can

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deep dark secrets

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