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A second with peace

September 10, 2011
By classicStara PLATINUM, Potomac, Maryland
classicStara PLATINUM, Potomac, Maryland
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Pen and notebook in hand,
I sit on the bench,
glaring at the sunlight pouring through the trees
and throwing occasional looks of dismay
as I see couples hand in hand passing by.
I feel the heat rise in my body,
as I recollect the argument that had occurred
only 10 minutes ago.
My eyes again flash a fiery red,
and I clutch my notebook, desperate
for some sort of comfort.
I look around and try to occupy myself
with the sound of the stream nearby,
trickling through and around the rocks.
I close my eyes to feel the sun
travel through my skin, and
giving me some of its endless energy.
The chatter of people passing by is carried to me,
by the soft-spoken wind,
and I grin at a comment they make.
Taking a deep breath,
I open my eyes, and take in the flowers
surrounding the shrubs,
and the leaves of the tree's trembling, eager
to fall.
I look down at my notebook,
and pick up my pen.
I'm about to scribble down my first thought
When I hear a beep.
I take my phone out, and stare at the text.
Suddenly, feel the anger thrashing in me again.

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