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Rupture of the Heart

October 5, 2011
By KayMarie GOLD, Spanish Fork, Utah
KayMarie GOLD, Spanish Fork, Utah
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I watched the liquid slide between the cracks
and disappear into the air
I let it slide and crawl down the pores of my arm
it twists into braids down extremities
my pupil dilates as it melts into the dirt
I can't walk away
because a part of me is now below the ground
but watch as I take a single step
and ease onto the tips of my toes
and beneath me sprouted a small tree
from where my heart poured out
it tipped and cracked and overcame
the flesh keeping its currents still
break the dam and tear it down
rip apart all that held it in
there is no justice in silence
no peace inside the eye of the storm
so If I must I'll let it be judged
by unwilling stares of bystanders
sitting high on their golden throne
my outcry of expression
will grow louder and louder still
because if there is no words
no blood filling the veins
there is no life to be lived.

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