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Searching for You

October 8, 2011
By SuchALittleLady BRONZE, Barberton, Ohio
SuchALittleLady BRONZE, Barberton, Ohio
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Sometimes we cry just to see if anyone is listening, searching for, lusting for, the meaning, the feeling of being loved, wanted, and desired, this darkness soon brings fire, in the heart it burns until ash black but you can’t feel that, you’ve become numb to this pain so deep, so bad your eyes won’t shut when your asleep, migraines in the morning but you don’t care your hoping to find a complete understanding somewhere, why me? , you ask yourself over and over again, depressing thoughts replaying in your head, everyday seems like a dark one, you have candles but you won’t light none, that little light just seems too bright for the mood you’ve become, deeper and deeper you drown in, reality checks in and you realize you need a solution, loving yourself was the only resolution, for a while you let hate hide your face, but now you understand how good joy tastes, you look into the mirror in the dark, as you reach for the light your heart thumps, you flick it up slowly turning up that beautiful smile, then saying to yourself this feels refreshing, I think I’ll keep this for a while.

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