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Ponderings of an Endless Thought

October 17, 2011
By lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
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Why must a long cast shadow be taken as an evil?
Or a cold winters night as a foe?
Why are all new things a threat?
A shadow can be shade from harsh sun
Or a winters night an untapped beauty
New friends can be found
But things are not this way
Forces are never taken in both aspects
In darkness, shade from harsh light
In light, eyes through the unknown
The beauty of a storm
Raging through the land
Or the sweet smell of the ocean
With a tsunami pummeling to the coast
In laws, disorder
Laws were meant to be broken?*
Even the devil once held good.
So why is it that we only see things in one color
Is it through ignorance?
Or for the goal of a simpler life?
Why are we left with questions
And no one to answer
Why can't it be simple
Why am I forced to endlessly ponder this thought
Why can we not know of the truth or be shown a glimpse
Why must these questions need be asked

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