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The Adventures of Impossibility

October 25, 2011
By AtLostOfWords GOLD, Varnville, South Carolina
AtLostOfWords GOLD, Varnville, South Carolina
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One day I decided to leave my house.
Under the doorway, I went out like a mouse.
Into the world that I may see
The adventures of impossibility.

Up, up and away I began to fly.
Above the town, through the blue sky.
With the birds, I began to soar.
Hearing the city below in a giant roar.

Across the ocean, we glided for hours.
Then I arrived at the Eiffel Tower.
On the top of the tower, my bird friends nest.
There I found my place to rest.

When I woke to the birds singing,
I depart for London and hear the church bells

Landing in England, I greeted the guards.
There I marvelled at Big Ben, so pretty and large.
To climb Big Ben, I used only my feet.
There, gravity admitted defeat.

The Wonders of the World is what I seek.
To observe them all in less than two weeks.
Day and night, in the air, and on the ground
Running or flying at the speed of sound.

My last stop is in Stonehenge.
Within it's center I stand at day ten.
At the end of the day, I transport home.
Tired and restless, I fall asleep before long.

I hope someday you'll wake up and see
Your own adventure of impossibility.

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