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A Seed is Planted

October 23, 2011
By NicoleA SILVER, Union, New Jersey
NicoleA SILVER, Union, New Jersey
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A seed is planted and sprouts the roots of love and acceptance
It grows into a healing tree whose remedies cure hate.
The branches at first thin and breakable begin to strengthen
Jetting out of the tree like arrow signs pointing towards compassion, respect, and unity.
The leaves change colors with the seasons: reds, yellows, oranges and greens float off the tree filling the streets with bursts of love.
A breeze whisks the leaves up making them dance with the robins.
Squinting your eyes when two leaves are touching by the stems it appears they form the shape of an autumn heart
The leaves touch your skin and you absorb the energy of the love tree until your soul leaks autumn hearts and your lungs pump hope into your brain and blood.
Therefore, when you dream you see the future and when you bleed you remember the past.
Putting the future and the past together to come up with a golden today and tomorrow
You rejoice in the simple beauty of this earthly balance.

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