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The baby quirrel

October 29, 2011
By FangPoet DIAMOND, Wichita, Kansas
FangPoet DIAMOND, Wichita, Kansas
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When I was a kid my mom would call me the fish that could drowned,I was a Pisces by nature.
My Brother would call me a puppy because i couldn't help but follow him around,besides I'd always wanted a wiggly tail with floppy ears.
But I would call myself rose, Like a hybrid Alec's red rose!
For i was red in the face and a country girl by nature!
I was a bit strange as a child I would coo to the chickens
Baa to the goats
neigh to the horses
and chase my imaginary tail with the dogs in the mud outback.
We has pets growing up in the swaying rolling prairie lands of Oklahoma,had lots of them in fact.
But none were as great,as the great "baby quirrel".

It was barley dawn the sky was streaked in calico cat colors,the deepest blood red took to the sky as if it had been stabbed by the night in jealousy.
It was warm already it was another scorching Oklahoma summers day ahead of me ,the dew drenching my bear feet allowing fresh dead grass to coat them as though they were shoes.
I trudged in the dying golden prairie grass, It loomed above me like the stars at night, so tall the sky came to an abrupt end at the golden lengths claws.
The deep gold straw tickling at my skin like a dogs shaggy coat as i trudged along.

An there in the midst of the golden claws it lay ...motionless!
Its little face was long and narrow like a triangle!
Its little whiskers spread out long and proud like spilling juice they were just out so far!
Eyes beady black soul filled eyes! But oddly they did not blink or wink up at me.
Its body long an lean with a round belly kind like my baby dolls!
It had the oddest little tail,not a tail i had ever wanted but a long naked tail!
This tail was longer then the whole creature it reached even past its little buck teeth...
Hmm buck teeth had to be a squirrel!
I'd seen them run up trees before many times after i got done being a fish!
It was the cutest little squirrel i had ever seen!
I picked up the delicate little darling,cradled it like my elders did to my baby cousins.
I pranced outta the rolling grass like I'd seen our show horses do when they were in the ring all high stepped an such.
"Look daddy,"i exclaimed! "My baby quirrel," showing him my beautiful grey as a silver crayon squirrel!
But that's when it all when bad...
He grabbed my darling and tossed her back into the field in which i had found her...
"You killed my baby quirrel,"i cried in utter horror, he was not my daddy but a horrid iron hammer throwing beast!
He shook his head and left me be in my own despair of loosing my prized quirrel.

When I was a kid i loved alot of things,But not like i had loved my baby quirrel.
and i wanted to be alot of things but after my baby
i never wanted floppy ears i wanted big round ears!
I dint want a drooly muzzle i wanted a triangle head,with buck teeth.
I didn't want a wiggly tail i wanted a naked mile long quirrel tail.

But I hadn't really loved a Squirrel it was in truth a dead barn rat,but i hadn't learned that till i was much older.

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