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Guardian Angels, Protection

November 9, 2011
By Rowan_E_Delany SILVER, Fremont, Nebraska
Rowan_E_Delany SILVER, Fremont, Nebraska
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There are many voices
some that most cannot hear.
What if we try to hear those voices?
I know what we would hear.

We would hear soft voices,
trickling like water
in a calm mountain

We would hear the voices
asking for help.
But every time we hear
those voices, it leaves
a hole in our hearts.

The one voice we
like to hear is..
The voices of children.

We enjoy hearing
the laughter in their voices,
the innocence and the pure
happiness in the sound
of their voice.

But when we hear the pain,
the pleading
for the pain to stop,
its like getting hit
with a cannon ball 10 times.

You don't know how many
sick, twisted people are
out there in the world.

Every time we hear that cry
we get weaker inside.
But what really hurts us
is knowing that our charge,
the children we protect,
die inside or just flat our die.

It breaks our hearts to hear
such a thing.

Please don't ruin a child's life.
Leave the children be.
We, as their Guardian Angels
will condemn you,
if you should harm another child.

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