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The Ticking Clock

November 26, 2011
By CarzKemp DIAMOND, Lyons, New York
CarzKemp DIAMOND, Lyons, New York
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I'm at the point,
The point of no return.
I don't mean to point,
but look at your bridges burned.
In time, will you ever learn?

You had my heart,
You watched it crumble.
And during this pain,
Did you ever stumble?

Did you ever think,
The tattoo on my heart,
wasn't just ink?

That it was a promise to you,
and all that i love,
to never ever sink into the battle of lust.

Did you ever take a look,
At the things that I've conquered,
From the thick and the thin,
As I've killed my inner monster.

I confess my sins,
I was made in an imperfect world,
I fell in love with an imperfect girl,
Deep within my soul, I will say that it was worth it,
Stuck inside me is a tragedy picture perfect.

So I sit inside this picture frame,
only and only as a perfect memory,
the person i look at everyday, the person I ought to be.
The person i no longer see, is dead.

Nothing but a bitter-sweet memory,
stuck inside a clock that bled, bled time,
And inside was a harmonias rhyme,
that in time, always rhymed.

It rhymed away his deepest feelings,
Washed away his pain and stains,
It's blocked out his darkest secrets,
And covered up his pit of shame.

Each time the time would tick.
For time was not the only Sick thing,
In each timeless tick, he knew,
He was just waiting to break.

To fall and smash to tiny little Pieces,
all the pieces you call a mistake,
I don't want you to feel, that my time was useless,
That I wasn't made for a better day.

I want you to know,
In my point of no return.
I'll love you forever,
No matter how long it takes you to learn.

So if for some reason my clock should stop,
I pray that you will have never forgot.
My love is forever, It will never be,
A Ticking Clock.

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