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Back To Real

December 7, 2011
By Avalon,Liv GOLD, Nelson, Other
Avalon,Liv GOLD, Nelson, Other
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Loved you once love you still always have always will.~ Theres always a little truth behind every "just kidding" a little knowledge behind every " i don't know"~ a little emotion behind every " i don"t care"~ And a little pain behind every "I'm Okay".

He doesn't question why i'm so silent sometimes
He knows not to ask..hes afraid i cry
We love to hear the same music notes
to others it might not make sense, the words we'v spoke
When we hangout its just us simply two people
So why do they have to judge being so dark and feeble
Were not anything wrong just two kids
Who once in awhile wanna get away from the drama jocks and skids
Were tired of everyone try so be so cool
We get sick and tired of not being ourselves; looking like fools
Can we all go back to when we were real
Before we were so scared to show how we truly feel
when that day comes around i'l be waiting at its gates
but until then i'l just have to be patient and have faith

The author's comments:
i hate the judgment and pressure this world has come to. i'm not saying every ware, but certainly where i'm growing up and i want it to change, but its frustrating because its such a hard thing to do, so this is my way of showing all you.

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