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My New Song

November 29, 2011
By snoopy4me PLATINUM, Sandy Hook, Connecticut
snoopy4me PLATINUM, Sandy Hook, Connecticut
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And I feel like I can sing a song
As I twirl ‘round my room,
With the new fragrance
I let kiss my skin.

I spin and shut my eyes,
The spray bottle in the sky.
And I get all giddy-
Misting the new scent all about.

I’m free; I’m new!
The flowers in the air
Say hello and sing to me
As I dance to a new tune.

Buddy, I miss you,
But I found a smile-
And I wish upon my fragrance,
That you could see it on my face.

The cherries that once took my hand
Now sit upon my desk,
Watching as I have this dance
With what is meant to be.

I’m happy; the scent is fresh.
The old happiness of summer
Is crisp as the orange, red leaves,
And I dance in the autumn.

I dance; I swing!
I’m a music box ballerina,
Broken off my stand-
Off to smile, to dance, and to sing.

My bubbly song of hope
Floats up as my hands
Dance with each other ‘round my head,
Casting dreams into the air.

I smile and close my eyes again,
Breathing in and out the fragrance,
A ray of joy and hope
That lifts me off my feet.

And I forget my worries,
All that could wither and die-
But I remember the cherries,
And dance to my new song.

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