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My Story

November 29, 2011
By snoopy4me PLATINUM, Sandy Hook, Connecticut
snoopy4me PLATINUM, Sandy Hook, Connecticut
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I want you to come back,
So I can tackle my passion
And beat down the past;
Let my innocence rise again.
But when you’re here,
I’d fear that same passion
Would tear me down,
Win over me once more.

Nonetheless, I want to see you,
I want to look into those blue eyes
And tell you how you hurt me,
And how I hurt myself.
Yes, I’ve learned so much-
The experience was good,
But it’s also wrecked me,
Tainted my purity.

Perhaps this relationship
Wasn’t in God’s will.
Maybe I made it seem right-
But only in my mind.
Or perhaps, it was His will,
But I’ve grown weak
In what should have made me strong,
In what I was given the strength to conquer.

Perhaps the battle isn’t over.
The devil took one half of my heart,
But God gives me His whole heart-
Works out, anyway, right?
But I need to know God,
And to accept His gift of forgiveness.
As I fell, really fell, in lust with you,
I can rise higher in love with Him.

So, goodbye, my friend.
I’ve made up my mind.
I will pray for you,
And pray for you, and pray,
That you, too, will come to Jesus.
Know that I’m not mad at you,
But that this is part of my story-
And God holds my binding together.

So, if I see you again,
My virtue will not tremble,
And I will look upon you
And see you as my brother, although lost,
And forgive you, looking into your blue eyes with Love.
‘Cause in the end, I’ve found Happiness.
I am no longer enslaved by sin;
I belong to God.

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