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December 9, 2011
By TaoTwins SILVER, Seattle, Indiana
TaoTwins SILVER, Seattle, Indiana
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I am the wisest man alive, because I know one thing, and that one thing is that I know nothing~Socrates

I used to follow ‘god’ blindly
Eating up the hype to feel like there was someone inside me
Cause’ church would sell me their self-manufactured fear
Letting me believe there was no one beside, me unless Jesus was near
I praised an image that judged me endlessly
This list of expectations cut my self worth til’ I needed someone loving me
I molded his statue off the description in his bible
Never thought I’d find my own god behind the meanings of my rhymes-
Though, I kept my eyes closed, my heart soon opened
And I began to question the heavens and who owned it
Cause’ this “suffer now and enjoy later” wasn’t cutting it for me
So I made something real, of what I couldn’t see
Braking the mental chains-
These religious individuals held with the recited words they’d say
And then I rebelled when I realized that I didn’t want to pray
For forgiveness to a god, that doesn’t like me cause’ I’m gay
And though my journey hasn’t ended I found a treasure in this mess
The world hangs loosely in my eyes
…And all I know is I’m alive
So that means that I’ve been blessed

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