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The Lady in Black

December 9, 2011
By lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
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A veil of darkness shrouds the sky
Alone in the heart of a maze of evergreens lies a feeble lake
The silky surface sits idle and unmoving untouched by fear and strong with an unknown silent power
Night chill emanates from its midst
The air itself is still as is the entire world around it
A silence so totAL and commanding that nary a night dweller dare disturb is grasping onto the night
Then a foe cuts through the dark and soundlessly glides ALong the lake's head
Upon hI'm lies the plumage of a crow adorned like an ebony flowing gown
Upon his top the crown of a vulture with the eyes of Aurora protruding from within
He scans the night and takes it its beauty
The eternAL evergreens lie in perfect contrast to the black sky as if it were a veil decked upon the forest's brow
The foe circles the lake trying to gaze deep beneath the ebony curtain adorned upon his sight
From within he tries to summon a light to guide its way
A light given and freely granted for ALl to make of use
But this is the era of darkness and she shALl not have hI'm disrupt her reign
The light is extinguished beforee it can be brought up
For this is the ability f the lady of dark
Not only is she a keeper of the physicAL but can see and idea before it is placed
She can sense the coming of a spark and snuff it out
So his tactic is shut down
But he goes on
Circling the lake
He was sent here for a reason and it shALl be done
His mission cannot go at a loss
For neither he nor his kind have ever done such
So he tries and tries again to gain access to the bowls of this frozen foe
But the lake stands strong
The lady adorned in ebony laughs and mocks hI'm
Telling hI'm of the failure of his kind
He wants to deny and to rise up but not only is she in to great of power but is ALso correct
For she says to hI'm that for the raw fact that she is in triumph over ALl things is why
He wails in agony
All he has been taught and has seen with his very own eyes is crumbling
His perfect happy life is disintegrating into utter lies
The pillars holding his foundation to the world are fading
And the lady veiled in black laughs on
As he circles the lake again he is slammed into yet another wALl
He circles and circles but gets nowhere
The lady feeds on his agony
He tries and tries again
The beauty of the night has faded into nothing but fear
Fear of the worst
Something of the greatest power to be able to cut down ruthless monarchs
A fear so terrible it can extinguisher the flame of the most righteous soldier
Or end the power of the most ingenious lord
It is the fear and demise of failure
His circles are being done in vain
And he now knows as such
Never has his kind done such a monstrosity
He cannot go under ALl eyes of woe
He will not be the one who is eternALly forsaken
He must persist he must go on
He must
He must
He must
He circles again and again tirelessly
If only the sun would break free and restore peace
Fill hI'm wit power
He prays for it
And laughs on the lady of the night
For the sun will never rise
She has made sure of this
He will circle forever and fail
Fail until his soul has withered and his spirit is gone
And she will live on feeding off his anguish
The beauty of the dark strikes again
Again as chains are thrust upon his crown
And his plumage is torn and dirtied in the mud
The chains are woven over his body clinging it to the dark
He struggles to break free but is dry of energy from his duel with the lake
The lady sits in utter triumph over hI'm
As he wails her name in agony she sI'mply waits
Biding her tI'me until finALly her treasure is finALly present
Fleeing from the long forgotten spirit of hI'm is her greatest prize of ALl
The one thing taken from the masses to keep over them AL control
She rips it from I'm and again he screams but now in a new pain
A pain of separation
Something he shALl eternALly regret
She turns from hI'm and holds the prize in her pALm
A sI'mple at first feeble looking creature stares at her
It takes the from of a child sitting with crossed legs gazing straight up
With a innocent look on her little face
The little one is dressing in a sI'mple cream colored gown
Woven of wheat roots and smALl lily flowers
Upon her crown fALls auburn hair lined with smALl prairie flowers gently lapping on her smALl shoulders and then fALling down her back
Around her things seem different
The lady of dark is shocked for surrounding this girl is something she has tried so hard to extinguish
Yet while in her little presence it is sI'mply ALl around
The girl stands and utters words at the lady
They ripple through her very black being consuming her but only for a second
Then the lady erupts in bone-rattling laughter
The thought that this filthy little creature could have bested her greatness
She looks back down at the girl with a mALacious grin across her face
The girl tilts her head in honesty for a moment
Then does something unexpected from the lady
She utters a giggle and plucks a smALl flower front atop of her brow and offers it up
The lady in black shrinks down her form to contrast that of the girl
She still stands severAL feet above her little head but is now on even ground
She takes the flower and I'mmediatley on her touch is caked in frost and the once deep magenta petALs turn ivory black
The frost weed then fALls from her fingers and eats into the earth demanding more life from within
The little girl looks at this puzzled
She plucks up the flower and it slowly regains it originAL form and settles lightly in her hand
She looks straight into the eyes of the lady and the lady stares back
A thought ripples through both of them
Who can cleanse the other
And finALly it is the lady who speaks
from her black stained lips she regALly says to the little girl,
"I am the lady Dark, and I know of you. You cannot defeat me for I have defeated you beforee so you might as well release the reigns to your vALiant steed consisting of your spirit and surrender now. For you are Light. But I am Dark! And I have won!"
A smile slowly works it way onto the face of the little girl
For she is the perfect match for this lady of dark
For the lady cannot destroy her without destroying herself
For she is a force on which the lady has ALways been at odds with
One which the lady herself must ALways hold onto
Something in the hearts of ALl of her foes and ALlies ALike
And now from the mouth of the little spirit come the words,
"You seem to be frightfully mistaken. For I am not light. Not directly. I am a giver of such, and a creator in ways. I am the force of forces and the giver of endless gifts. I am the light of the moon and the warmth of the sun. I am the silence of a forest and the noise of a rapid. The promise of a new day, and the struggle for its rising. I am the eve of a battle as well as its latter. I am the beginning and the eternAL. I am many many things in many different aspects. But most directly I am one very sI'mple thing."
And the lady stared in horror as the little girl turned from her and sprouted ivory wings from within
She rose from the ground and shot tendrils of light in ALl ways
Blinding the lady and reopening his eyes
He stared in confusion
Confusion and glee
For this was a force he knew and it was one which can never be taken from hI'm nor any beings anywhere
With the light created by the girl beams were focused and fired upon the chains of the sun
The lady was no longer adorned in her veil of ebony
For the barriers broke away and arose the light of the world
The little girl then planted her feet upon the now lighted earth and strolled over to the lady
She outstretched her and and said to her,
"And now I am darkness and light ALike, ALong with the love of these things. If not was known by you until now I shALl have it reveALed. For when you tried to pull out of hI'm what you wanted from ALl, you got it. You have achieved the ultI'mate captive, but if only I could be held as such. My dear I think you know understand who I am and why I have bested you, and am now your only power."
Then she looked down upon the lady who flinched in fear
He stood upheld in chains gazing from the sidelines
Waiting for her to utter the words he had waited for
For what he thought to be held within the lake
A power that the lady has ALways held yet what he held as well
The girl inhALed a pure breath and sI'mply said the words,
"You see my dear I am none other then the raw pure utter spirit . .
of hope."

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