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A Plea

November 11, 2011
By lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
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they wallow in the dark
a dark so thick you'll never see
and allow it to overtake them
people try and try again to rescue
but they can't understand
what they want
and how it is obtained
they are those rejected in the light
thus driven to the dark
those who do not see themselves as a part of reality
the ones who can spot a boundary driven against themselves
the souls who long for a spirit
knowing not of the light they flee to the dark
and allow sadness to seep in
let despair or hatred into their ears
allow pain to be achieved
massive numbing absolute pain
not only that of physical
but of the thought of separation
the acceptance of being on the outside
in their eyes they stand a one soul fight
if even
for they see no soul at all
and have reason for a self-induced demise
just for the raw utter and simple fact
of being able to feel something at all
in the normal they felt nothing
but here they can be ensured of feeling
of emotion
to be a reminder of the helpless spirit lost inside
ridden with corruption
tainted with the worst of our world
our world including they and we
and so this frittering slit of spirit within them
clings to all forms of life
even if evil is induced
and craves more
as it draws farther from the light

so try and understand these people
as we judge and covet their demise
should we take up hands and join in peace
or let this version of self pleasure live
is it right to crush the long brought up thought of an alternative
and is it selfish to even consider doing so
who are we to understand this for them and take it away
can their be amends
or shall it stay a barrier
one delved eternal
that of the light and the dark
though both have opposite natures
yes in the light is held birth and freedom
but also is held rage and terror
the power over others
then in dark is help peace
serenity utter beauty and silence
alas is also held death
cowardice and terror from those in light
in the dark is held fear
fear of the unknown

so where are us to take on away for taking both is an impossibility
we are stuck to choose
best of worst or worst of best
this is a thought
is it better to choose freedom rather than peace
is it better to overpower for few chances of truth
or no
shall this eternal question be answered
is this even a struggle
is it even a plea

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