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Poetic Lust

December 16, 2011
By TaoTwins SILVER, Seattle, Indiana
TaoTwins SILVER, Seattle, Indiana
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I am the wisest man alive, because I know one thing, and that one thing is that I know nothing~Socrates

Ripped my heartbeat- haven't found a rhythm to match me- but oh how your illusion is lovely- I broke through my mental limitations to frame such beauty in my fantasy- I drew your eyes on rose petals as the sun settled behind such radiant meadows- I grew my words with patience, hoping to catch a glimpse of your face so these letters can smile with eloquence that will reach your level- thought that if I modify my rhymes, I'd have a slight chance of stealing your mind- but I'm no theft so I trained my patience to be productive as my heart continues waiting- yet there's been to many visits from temptation, and it's getting too difficult to fight off this infatuated Satan- I'd give you my world but I'm afraid that what I'm offering you already have it- but if your heart creates a melody I can elegantly pour out all my talent- I can shatter this dimension and piece it back together- and you'd be the sun that nurtures these words, no need to try cause' my pen already accepts her- I've always listened to nature, but it speaks in a language of silence- but inspiration like this needs Angels to recite it- and now I... Pick up my heart and put it back in my chest, let my ink change color with these uncalled moods- continue walking along side my writing in hopes of finding you

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